1. SRIKAKULAM, 11-9-1981

Kum. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi extended good support on Mridangam and her “Taniavartam’ in ‘Nagumomu’ is very delightful.



The Way in which Nagalakshmi, Sister of Sarada. played Mridangam won the applause of “Connoisures” .



Miss. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi, who provided the Mridangam accompaniment showed her Quality in “Taniavartanam”.



In her deft style, Kum. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi accompanied the main artist on Mridangam and contributed for the melody of the programme. The versatility she exhibited in ‘laya’ in ‘Khandajati TriputaTalam’ made the audience exhilarated.


  1. VlJAYAWADA, EENADU, 27-02-1990

Kum. Mandapaka Nagalakshimi, the sister of Sarada, who accompanied her on Mridangam, perhaps is the only young woman mridangist, in Andhra Pradesh. Besides her consummate talent in accompanying the main artist, the skill exhibitted in playing ‘Taniavartanam’ in Aditala to four letter pause, was of high quality and ennobling. (Trans.)


  1. ANDHRA PATRIKA 06 - 3 - 1990

Miss Mandapaka Nagalakshmi’s dexterous performance on the Mridangam has doubled the glory of the concert. Her ‘Tani’ deserves a special mention.


  1. VlJAYAWADA, ANDHRAPRABHA, Dt.07-.03-1990.

In the midst of claps from audience, Sarada’s vocal performance which lasted for about two hours, her sister Mandapaka Nagalakshmi accompanied her on Mridangam.  Kum. Nagalakshmi who learnt this art from Mridanga Vidwan Sri Mullapudi Srirama Murthy, exhibited her best talent in ‘Tani’, also in accompanying the main artist with her depth of knowledge without losing the melody of ‘NADAM’ with a (full) high degree of balance in ‘right’ and ‘left’ of the instrument and above all in calculations. She accompanied on mridangam with all sincerity. ‘Mudital Nervagarani Vidyagalade Muddara Nerpinchinan’ this is a saying. There is no art which ladies cannot master if they are taught with sincerity and verbatim came true in the case of Kum. Nagalakshmi.


  1. INDIAN EXPRESS, Dt.29-04-1990

On the mridangam Mandapaka Nagalakshmi provided a grand finale to the festival.


  1. BHADRACHALAM, Dt.07-04-1991

At the end of the programme, when Kum. Nagalakshmi played’ Taniavartanam’ on mridangam for 10 mts, audience exhibited their appreciation by clapping their hands in joy and excitement.


  1. DECCAN CHRONICLE, Dt.O8-05-1990.

On the mridangam by M. Nagalakshmi to the delight of the audience


  1. INDIAN EXPRESS, Dt.28-05-1991.

M. Nagalakshmi's accompaniment on the mridangam for both the concerts was sparkling.


  1. ANDHRA BHOOMI, Dt.18-09-1991.

The way in which Kum. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi accompanied on mridangam and also Taniavartanam gave elegance and completeness to the programme.


  1. EENADU 20 - 9 - 91

Mandapaka Nagalakshmi's support on the Mridangam illuminated the concert. Her ‘Tani’ performance received a special acclaim of the audience.


  1. ANDHRABHOOMI, VIJAYAWDA, Dt.25-02-1992.

The disciplined way in which Kum. M. Nagalakshmi sister of Kum. Mandapaka Sarada, accompanied Kriti, exhibited her expertise with versatality in “Tani’’ received the special appreciation of the audience. She is getting trained by the famous Mridangam artist/ vidwan Sri Mullapudi Srirama Murthy.


  1. ANDHRA BHOOMI, WALTAIR, Dt.22.07.1992.

The Special attraction in the concert was Kum. M. Nagalakshmi who accompanied on Mridangam, the skill displayed by Nagalakshmi gave eligance to the concert .



‘Talamani’ Kum. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi deserves compliments for the way in which she accompanied on mridangam, and thus contributed for the thumping success of the concert. The‘Taniavartanam’ was unique and excellent-It was felt.


  1. EENAADU 17 - 10 - 1992

Ms. Nagalakshmi’s rendering on the Mridangam was filled with excellent ‘naada’ and received encomiums of the audience.


  1. SRIRAMNAGAR, Dt.22-01-1993.

In this instrumental Music programme, Mandapaka Nagalakshmi displayed her own inimitable style and played Taniavartanam for 22 mits. and won the applance of the audience.



Kum. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi regaled the audience with her mridanga accompaniment. She exhibited her expertise above her age and earned very good fame as a mridangam artist. She took the audience into ecstacy by exhibiting her art in ‘Taniavartanam’.


  1. PRABHATA VARTA-GARIVIDI- Dt. l8-04-1996.

The skilful play of mridangam by Miss. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi is applauded by everyone.


  1. THE INDIAN EXPRESS, MADRAS, Dt.16-06-1996.

Mandapaka Nagalakshmi's mridangam accompaniment was very helpful the virtuosity she exhibited in the ‘Aditala Tani’ is rarely met with even in Madras City.


  1. 20 - 4 -1996

Ms. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi, Lecturer, Maharaja Govt. College of Music & Dance, Vizianagaram, enriched the concert with her excellent support on the Mridangam. She received a grand applause from the audience for her “Mridanga laya vinyasam”


  1. VAARTA 29 - 12 - 97

The way Nagalakshmi showed her accomplished talent in the ‘Layavinyasam’ in Khandachaapu taalam received hearty applause from the audience.


  1. 22 -1- 99

Ms.Mandapaka Nagalakshmi presented her distinct style in the Tanyavartanam for about 20 minutes in the concert and made the audience spellbound.


  1. ANDHRA JYOTI 27 - 11-2002

The ‘laya’ by Ms. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi (Lecturer, Govt.College of Music & Dance, Vizianagaram) has turned the concert into a cascade of music.


  1. THE HINDU 06-12-2002

Nagalakshmi extended excellent support and came out with a vibrant ‘Thani.’


  1. ANDHRA BHOOMI 01- 11- 2004

Mandapaka Nagalakshmi’s support on the Mridangam ornamented the concert and brought it to fruition.


  1. DECCAN CHRONICLE 24-02-2005

Mandapaka Nagalakshmi on Mridangam gave a delightful exhibition of the tradition and style.


  1. THE HINDU 08-04-2005

Nagalakshmi, a reputed artiste of the entire South on Mridangam lending excellent support appeared peers to the main artiste in all aspects and sustained the gusto with fine finesse.


  1. THE HINDU 28-07-2006

Nagalakshmi accompanying on Mridangam lent excellent support. Lakshmi executing a sublimely structured ‘Thani’ in particular contributed grandeur.


  1. 4-11- 2006

Recipient of the ‘Talamani’ title and Lecturer, Maharaja Govt. College of Music & Dance, Vizianagaram, is the centre of attraction in the concert and stole the show.


  1. ANDHRA JYOTI 12 - 11- 2006

Ms. Mandapaka Nagalakshmi (Lecturer, Govt. College of Music & Dance, Vizianagaram) provided an efficient support to the concert on the Mridangam. The ‘Tanyaavartanam’ in Adi Taalam was specially applauded by the audience.


  1. ANDHRA BHOOMI 11- 1- 2007

The beats on the Mridangam, by Nagalakshmi,while supporting the concert added a rhythmic embellishment to it. The audience remained spellbound at her adroitness in the ‘Tanyaavartanarm’.


  1. DECCAN CHRONICLE 30-01-2007

Miss Mandapaka Nagalakshmi, who provided the Mridangam accompaniment, was throughout at her best and contributed in no small measure to the total effect. She showed her quality in‘Thanyavartaram’



Ms.Mandapaka Nagalakshmi has contributed to the success of the concert with her efficient accompaniment on the Mridangam and received the applause of the audience.



The ‘Tanyavartanam’ by Miss .M. Nagalakshmi on the Mridangam and by Mr.M. Suryaprasad Sarma on the Ghatam enthralled the hearts of music lovers in the concert by Sri Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna, when he rendered the ‘Samajavaragamana’ in the Hindola raga.


  1. ANDHRA JYOTI, EENAADU, SURYA 11- 9 - 2008

The ‘Taala Vaadya’ concert organized by Ms.Nagalakshmi, Lecturer, Govt. College of Music and Dance, Vizianagaram was a flow of sound transformed into mellifluous music and it stole the attention of the audience. The concert by 8 artists received a great response from the audience. The ‘vinyasas’by them in Trisra, Mishra, Chaturashra and Khanda gati-s received the reward of applause from the audience. Ms.Nagalakshmi’s ‘Konakkolu’ besides her Mridangam received a special attraction in the concert.


  1. VAARTHA 15 - 9 - 08

Mandapaka Nagalakshmi on the Mridangam and Sukanya Ramgopal on the Ghatam provided able accompaniment in the concert. The ‘Tanyavartanam’ by them was the highlight of the concert.


  1. EENAADU 15 - 9 - 2008

The support on Mridangam by Ms.Nagalakshmi of Vizianagaram and the support on Ghatam by Ms.Sukanya Ramgopal of Bengaluru were equally complementary and competitive and brought the concert to the consummation amidst the sky-high applause of the audience.


  1. THE HINDU 2010

Accompanied by Nagalakshmi on Mridangam and Hanumantha rao on Ghatam. The ‘Tani Avartanam’ by the percussionists elevated with the fine Muktayies.


  1. THE HINDU 08-04-2011

Playing the Choicest bholes along with the lively Sound of the Mridangam played by Nagalakshmi and followed well by Hanumantha Rao on the Ghatam added to the Harmony.


  1. THE HINDU 08-04-2011

Playing the choicest bholes along with the lively sound of the Mridangam played by Nagalakshmi.


  1. THE HINDU 21-12- 2011

Mandapaka Nagalakshmi has been the special attraction. Her stylished presentation of intricate rhythmic patterns. Her performance excitement amongst the audience for the percussionist par excellence.


  1. THE HINDU 2012

Mandapaka Nagalakshmi on Mridangam was a display of Sparkle with Sobriety in her accompaniment and ‘thani Avarthanam’ as well, with a great variety that was enthralling.


  1. THE HINDU 2012

Nagalakshmi Supporting on the Mridangam was enchantingly melodious and meticulous in their accompaniment for the concert.


  1. SAAKSHI, EENAADU, VAARTHA 23 - 01- 2012

Ms.Mandapaka Nagalakshmi enthralled the audience with her excellent rendition on the Mridangam.



Ms.M.Nagalakshmi, Lecturer, Maharaja Govt.College of Music & Dance, Vizianagaram, on the Mridangam and Sri Bandaru Ramanamurty on the Tabla provided a musical banquet with their Jugalbandi.


  1. ANDHRA JYOTI 25 - 8 - 2012

Ms.Nagalakshmi on her Mridangam and Sri Hanumantharao on his Ghatam provided excellent support in the concert and took the programme to great heights.


  1. THE HINDU - METRO 18-06-2012

Mandapaka Nagalakshmi who teaches Mridangam in the Government Music College at Vizianagaram has been trained by maestros like Mullapudi Srirama Murhthy and Karaikudi R. Mani. She has also accompanied many great artistes and has excelled in Solo Performances as well.


  1. EENAADU, SAAKSHI, VAARTHA 24 - 3 - 13

Noted Mridanga Vidwan Ms.Mandapaka Nagalakshmi and Ghatam player Sri M.Suryaprasadarao supported the concert with their able performance. The Tanyavartana,’ during the Ragarm, Tanam and Pallavi item, presented with the Ghaatalu in the Sankeerna gati and the remaining kriya-s in Chaturasra gati in the Sankeernajaati Triputa taalam mirrored their talent. at artistes and has excelled in Solo performances as well.


  1. THE HINDU 29-03-2013

Mandapaka Nagalakshmi on Mridangam and M.Surya Prasada Rao on Ghatam were gave best support. The ‘Tani Avartanam’ by percussionists kept up the tempo.


  1. TIMES OF INDIA 31-03-2013

She is among the few women in the country to have broken into the prodominantly male bastion of percussion instruments by mastering the mridangam, Mandapaka Naga Lakshmi, who usually lets her magical fingers do all the talking on the mridangam.